Do You Want the Only Total Fitness Option in Central Florida Incorporating Cutting Edge Programs from ‘Down Under Australia’ that Customized to You & Your Goals?

Our total body workouts and fitness programs cater for all ages, genders, body types and fitness levels. Whether you want to lose weight, build bulk, lean up, gain strength or just get healthier...Trainers Edge Will Help You Build The PERFECT Workout For YOU That...

  1. Fits Your Life & Lifestyle!
  2. Gives You The Fit & Fabulous Body You Want!
  3. Helps You Lose Weight, Tone Up & Get Buff!
  4. Transforms YOUR Body & Releases The Sexier YOU!

Since The Trainers Edge first opened its doors in 2000, one thing we have found to be true is that people who are committed to making a change in their lives and who are willing to put in the hard work it takes to succeed get the results they desire.

At the end of the day, no matter how many people are in your class, you are left with just you and the mirror. Do you like what you see? If you do, great. If you don’t, there’s no time like the present for you to change it. The Trainers Edge is here to provide you the guidance, motivation and knowledge you need to reach optimal health - and sculpt a body you’re proud of.

The Trainers Edge can help you:

  • Lose weight quickly and safely (no gimmicks just real results)
  • Wake up feeling energetic and ready to take on the world
  • Get the results you’ve always wanted–whether that means weight loss, muscle gain, or firming and toning

Sign up for a no-obligation consultation with our experienced, knowledgeable trainers today. If you put the work in, before long you’ll have a story to tell just like the ones you read here.

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Elisabeth S.

I was a member of a large gym for ten years, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Each day is different, challenging, and exciting. The trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging as well as other members who support and cheer you on through the workout. I’m in better shape at 35 than I was in my twenties!

Stay-at-Home Mom

Kim C.

There is nothing like this gym! They take the guesswork out of working-out. Brilliantly designed workouts keep your heart pumping as you build strength. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to your old gym.

Public Affairs Director

Ira D.

It’s simply like this—The Trainers Edge has changed my life. I hated sports when I was a kid. I always failed miserably at fitness tests. I thought I’d never be able to do a pull-up nor did I think I’d ever want to. I thought I was doing good for myself by hitting the elliptical, and the occasional “body conditioning” and spinning classes. Enter the coaching at The Trainers Edge. Coaches John and Davina have the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to take a total amateur like me, with a timid and ill-advised attitude towards fitness, and change everything I’ve thought about my body and what it can do. I was essentially starting from scratch and I never once during class felt left out or inferior to those who were experienced. Each workout can be scaled and adapted to any fitness level and when you’re just starting out, this is crucial to avoid injury, and well, to get you to keep walking through that door. Now, many girls may be worried about “bulking up” and “getting too big”, or even that (they aren’t getting) enough of a “cardio workout”. This is a ridiculous notion that I would love to shut down. Yes, I’m gaining muscle, (which is totally badass), but I’m also dropping fat and have gotten more of a cardio workout than I ever did at those “hamster-on-a-wheel” gyms. From my first day at The Trainers Edge, I have transformed my body and I am making it the machine I never thought it could be. Not only can I now do pull-ups, but I love them. I learned how to perform Olympic lifts and made unbelievable strength and endurance gains. At The Trainers Edge, each (member) receives so much invaluable encouragement, and I don’t think I’m being presumptuous as to say that we feel like we are each part of a community of total awesome. No amount of stars is enough to say what experiences like that are worth. If you decide to come and be a part of this place listen for me cheering you on when you do.

Project Manager

Whatever I write here cannot describe how much I love and recommend The Trainers Edge. I have been going to The Trainers Edge anywhere from three to five times a week for about three months and not once have I done the same Work Out of the Day (WOD) twice. In that time I have seen unbelievable results, both physically and how I live my life. Nothing motivates me more than results and when you start to see not only the pounds come off but to also see significant muscle tone there is nothing better! I have definitely started to live a much healthier lifestyle, too. Not only do they have an amazing training staff, they also provide you with a nutritional plan to help you get in the best shape of your life.

Accounting Professional

Kristen A.

After years of goading from my friends to ‘just try it, you’ll be hooked’…I finally conned a few coworkers to tag along and got the butt whooping of my life and knew it was love. To say how much I appreciate everyone and every single awfully awesome workout would be impossible. I am three months in and down 10 lbs. but the changes in my body are more and more evident each day. I never thought my arms would have definition or be strong and that makes me excited to see what I can accomplish as time goes on. Thank you John and Davina for all that you do to keep us motivated and kick our butts each and every day!


Alex M.

(This) is more than just “working out.” This is training for your LIFE! The only time I use the phrase “working out” is in “WOD” which is the Workout of the Day. This is the monster you will fight every day. It will have tons of functional movements, which literally makes the other things in your life easier—everything from unpacking groceries to running a marathon or giving the confidence to try something new you never have before. At the same time, you will get the added bonus of gaining strength and leaning out your body. I have done lots of other fitness routines, and being prior Military, and being an active athlete in high school, I was burnt out on the “traditional gym” and packed on the pounds over the last six years. The Trainers Edge is awesome because it’s like being adopted into a new family. Your fellow (athletes) endure the pain with you, and everyone has had the same first workout that you barely finish or don’t finish at all. Yet, the adrenaline high and the sense of accomplishment afterward keeps you coming back for more. And, YES, every day is different. NO boring “routines” here! There’s nothing to think about. Just show up ready to give your all and the trainers at The Trainers Edge and your fellow (athletes) will push you through the workout. Eventually you become an addict..No matter what shape you are in now, come here; John and Davina have the knowledge to adapt the workouts to your level and they will continue pushing you until you are wrestling and beating up the WOD monster on a daily basis and looking forward to tomorrow’s before the day’s over! This place will change your life, if you are willing to commit to coming in and do work! I’m 6’1″ tall and just five months in I’ve lost 47lbs. (310 to 263) and lost inches everywhere, completely reshaping my body! This just plain works, so come in and DO WORK!! @ The Trainers Edge!!!

Industrial Engineering Student

Delilah B.

I would recommend The Trainers Edge to anyone ready to step up their gym game. I joined just four months ago and have already seen amazing results. I was always active and went to a “traditional gym” 5-7 days a week. I did yoga, spin classes, weight training and P90X, but never saw the results I wanted. I decided I wanted to step it up a notch and get a personal trainer to whip me into shape. When I talked to a friend about my frustrations, he encouraged me to check out The Trainers Edge instead of going to a trainer in a “traditional gym”. After a few long discussions, I was pumped to try it. I went to the intro workout and was immediately hooked. Four months later, I have leaned out, I feel great and people have noticed. I love the challenge of The Trainers Edge and feel stronger each week. Every WOD is different, so you never know what you’re getting yourself into, but when you finish, there is such a great feeling of accomplishment. I love The Trainers Edge!

Marketing Coordinator

Warren H.

The Trainers Edge changed my life. I have been with The Trainers Edge for almost three years now, and each day has been better than the last. When I go to The Trainers Edge, it makes me feel amazing. I started my journey with them weighing in at 260 lbs. and with a 38-40 inch waist line, I am proud to say that today I have dropped to 184 lbs. and a 32 inch waist. I lost the majority of my weight during the last year. I did this by combining The Trainers Edge’s workouts with their nutritional plan. Note that I said “nutritional plan” and not “DIET plan”. They helped guide me to a new method of healthy eating that will last me a lifetime and help me achieve and maintain my health and fitness goals. The Trainers Edge has helped me become stronger, more confident, energetic and healthier. They help me feel like I have accomplished something every day. Thank you, The Trainers Edge!

Graphic Designer

The Trainers Edge will seriously change your way of life! I started here about six months ago after struggling with Psoriatic Arthritis for over two years to the point where I was in a wheelchair and could not move because of my swollen joints. I had gained a ton of weight while on steroids and was basically pretty immobile. John and Davina were able to work with me and help modify the workouts so that someone with my disability would still be able to do them. Now, it’s like I don’t even have arthritis! I can do push-ups, run, jump, lift, bend, and do things I NEVER thought I would be able to do. I am a much stronger person because of The Trainers Edge, both physically and mentally. If you are looking for a great atmosphere with supportive, intelligent staff who know how to help you, and if you are willing to work REALLY hard, The Trainers Edge is the place to be! You will laugh when people tell you they are working out at Planet Fitness or doing Zumba, for sure.

Web Designer

This gym makes working out fun again. I gave up working out years ago because I was bored with it. At The Trainers Edge, the workout changes every day. It’s a great place to challenge your body and have fun doing it, while making new friends all at the same time. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Mortgage Broker

Melissa J.

Going to a regular gym is boring and becomes monotonous! People tend to “slack” on their workouts and many times just stop going. If you are looking for a place to be truly motivated and inspired, come to The Trainers Edge! Every day there is a new workout posted, which is wonderful if you have a stressful job and don’t want to “plan” your workout. 3, 2, 1….GO is what you’ll hear the coach say and you and your group are off to an intense workout. Sometimes you are motivated by how many reps you can do, sometimes it’s how many rounds, sometimes you’re trying to beat the clock and other times you are teamed up and challenging each other. I have been going to (The Trainers Edge) for almost two years now, and I am challenged every time I walk through that door. You don’t get in a rut here, and I NEVER get that, “Oh great, now I have to go to the gym” feeling anymore. The Trainers Edge is part of my life, it’s my family…it’s who I am.


Erica M.

Say goodbye to “traditional” gyms. The workouts are like nothing you have ever done before. They will kick your butt, but will become addicting within a couple of weeks. You will also quickly pick up a new vocabulary such as box jumps, wall balls and thrusters and will find yourself talking to others about the daily WOD constantly. The trainers are awesome and will push you to limits that you never thought you could get to. You work out in groups so you are constantly cheering each other on and pushing yourself to be that much better. As you grow with the The Trainers Edge family, the trainers will help you learn more about your diet and what you can change to see the results you want. In just three months, I feel like I am in better shape now, than I was in high school. I would highly recommend anyone to try it out!


I love, love, love The Trainers Edge! When I started, I could barely do a push-up, now I do hundreds. I’ve lost 20 lbs. and three pant sizes, and I’ve gained so much strength. I was very intimidated at first because of all the videos I saw online where these muscle-bound people were snatching heavy weights up over their heads. After much encouragement from a friend, I decided to try The Trainers Edge. The trainers were amazing, so supportive, and they modified the workouts, allowing me to gain strength and build my endurance at a pace that was comfortable to me. I am now lifting heavy weights, running faster, wall climbing, jumping and doing all sorts of things I never thought I would be able to do. The Trainers Edge also helped me to understand how important food and rest are to getting the strong, healthy body you want. I love being a part of this community, and I cannot recommend this gym highly enough. Join and it will change your life.


I have been athletic my whole life and felt that I was in very good shape. I was so wrong, after my first workout at The Trainers Edge I was hooked because it was the hardest workout I have every done. Over the last few months I have gained so much strength and the body I have always wanted. I strongly recommend that if you are serious about getting in shape and looking the best you can, get to The Trainers Edge as fast as you can.

Office Administrator

Tracy M.

Efficient, effective workouts and fantastic results—exactly what a busy individual needs in their life! I’ve been working out all my life—running, yoga, step class, lifting weights, slow training, fast interval training—NOTHING works to improve your fitness like (this program) and NOWHERE in town can beat the location, the variety of equipment, the member community and, most importantly, the QUALITY and VARIETY of workouts that the owner, John, puts together for us!! No matter your fitness level, you will find training and nutrition advice, motivation, community and results here… See you at “the Box”!!!


You definitely will not be bored with your workouts and will see results quick!

Flight Attendant

Jay W.

Don’t even waste your time going anywhere else, cause there’s no point. Join The Trainers Edge NOW! I thought I was working out for the past 15 years at these “traditional fitness gyms.” Sure I might have increased my bench a couple pounds, but that’s about all. At “traditional gyms” I might have sat on the bench press and did 10 bench press reps, get up, get a drink, talk, then sit back down then do 8 bench press, and then repeat the same. What did that accomplish? Absolutely nothing! Try doing 50 dumbell thrusters without stopping for water, rest, and chit chat, and then doing 50 pullups, 50 box jumps, 50 burpess, followed by other movements that actually help burn and keep the fat off. Am I scaring you? Well, I hope so, if you haven’t joined The Trainers Edge at the end of my review then continue wasting your time accomplishing nothing at the “traditional gyms”. But if you want immediate permanent results, then join The Trainers Edge. In the first six months, I lost 21 pounds from 206 to 185. For the first time in 15 years I can see definition in my stomach area, can run, jump, and do things I would never have imagined. I have been a member at The Trainers Edge for the past two years and have maintained that weight of 185 pounds. Trust me this works. The Trainers Edge is a fun, contagious, addicting, motivating, inspiring, the best gift I could give myself, true body changing place to be. You still haven’t joined? It’s well worth it and IT WORKS! JOIN NOW!

Law Enforcement Officer

Love everything about The Trainers Edge! I researched a few other places around town before deciding to start here. I am so glad I did! Won’t lie though, it isn’t as easy as going to the gym and running on the treadmill 🙂 I have come to enjoy the anticipation of not knowing what I’ll be doing. If you want a challenge, want trainers that will push you and if you want to get to know some really great people then check The Trainers Edge out!


Ron S.

Great place to work out! I’ve tried gyms, boot camps, personal trainers, endurance events and this beats them all. Great mix of people and workouts keeps me coming back!! Also, excellent training for all types of endurance races.

Commercial Real Estate Developer

Andy T.

Awesome workout, great team atmosphere, and always something new and exciting!

Realtor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Paul T.

This place is addicting!! I love how the workouts change up every day and challenge you. I have been with them since September. I recently did three weeks of their proprietary diet and working out at least four times a week and I lost 11lbs!! I feel great!! The gym is immaculately clean and the classes run like clock work and they keep a keen eye on everyone in the class; checking for proper form and making sure you are not lifting heavier than your ability. They realize that there are some of us that need to work the next day 🙂 Awesome place to get in shape in a great atmosphere!!!

Audio Engineer

Crystal Y.

I LOVE The Trainers Edge! I joined after struggling at the “regular” gym to lose the weight I’d gained during pregnancy. I was working out 4 times a week taking classes and using the machines. Each workout I’d spend an hour. I was completely frustrated with my body, lack of results and the cost of personal training after inquiring about it. My husband told me about (The Trainers Edge) and I was interested but hesitant. I read that the workouts averaged 30 minutes and I thought “how hard could that be?” The first workout was the hardest workout I had ever done. Period. I convinced myself “this isn’t for me” and went home. I realized that I had always been on my own at the “regular” gym and that if I wanted to see results I would have to get out of my comfort zone and work hard. I joined the next day and will never go back to a “regular” gym. I like the personal support and guidance that the trainers provide. The workouts are tough and I’m proud of myself each day I complete one. I’ve lost all of my pregnancy weight and am a stronger, happier and healthier person.


CrossTheTrainers Edge has exponentially made my life better. Strong words, right? Well it’s true. Working out here makes me invigorated and humbled at the same time. I can’t even express how intimidated I was the first day my husband and I stepped foot in the box. I’d been going to a regular gym religiously for about a year, but I knew this fitness experience was going to be completely different. I was right. This is not your average gym. This is no AC, no treadmills, no mirrors, and no egos type of fitness – and it’s addicting! From the moment I walked into CrossThe Trainers Edge I knew it was going to be a good fit. The coaches are helpful and knowledgeable and just pushy enough to keep me moving. I never feel stupid asking a question and I always know they will stop whatever they are doing to make sure I am using good form and feel comfortable. Take it from a newby, anyone can do this! If you’re looking for a new way to challenge yourself, or better yet, have someone else push you through the workout, I recommend trying CrossThe Trainers Edge. You seriously couldn’t surround yourself with a better group of people.

Insurance Professional

Melissa F.

Being a The Trainers Edge member is the best investment I have ever made for myself. I have never been this strong in my entire life. I came here as a runner, with NO muscle. I was frustrated with how much time I spent “working out” and my body was staying the same. The coaches of The Trainers Edge created a personalized meal plan for me, and combined with the workouts, my body completely changed. I actually have muscle definition in my arms and legs… something I have never seen my entire life. Trust me when I tell you to stop wasting your time running, and join this gym!

Retail Manager

Jamie H.

A GREAT workout in a short amount of time that relieves stress and does the body good. You will gain muscles in places you didn't know exist. I have never felt this strong, agile, and confident as I do now. I’ve been working out here going on 3 years and I’ve never been bored with the workouts since they challenge me mentally, emotionally and physically every day.

Marketing Coordinator

Betsy M.

The Trainers Edge has brought into existence in me a hunger to entirely elevate myself to a more healthy way of living. It has unleashed my inner beast making me push through strenuous workouts, that have dramatically enhanced my mind, body and soul. Did I say body??? Oh yeah I did! I love me some The Trainers Edge and appreciate all that John does to make us vigorously better! The Trainers Edge has surpassed my expectations!

University Student, Administrator, Mom

Tom B.

I can honestly say that I’m in better shape at 42 than I was at 32 and maybe even 22 years old. The Trainers Edge is a great place to work out – you get more done in 30-45 minutes there than weeks at a Globo gym. During workouts, there’s some competitive rivalry among friends but everyone cheers and challenges each other to improve and get healthier. (You’ll have to visit to get a sense of the ‘family’ aspects of The Trainers Edge.) I really like the fact that I go in each day and have no idea what the WOD (workout of the day) is until I stare at the white board. That ‘unknown’ is exciting because you’re never in a rut. John will also help you understand how diet and rest are essential to peak fitness. While The Trainers Edge doesn’t hold you to a strict diet (I love McRibs and beer), they will coach you on what/how to eat. The other thing I love about The Trainers Edge is that you get training/supervision in every workout. The monthly cost is very reasonable considering the 1-on-1 attention and the well-maintained equipment. Just be prepared to work outside or get a little dirty occasionally. There are no “machines” – it’s mostly body weight exercises, Olympic weights, and crazy stuff like ropes, kettlebells, abmats, medicine walls, sand bags, rowers, and plywood boxes. Pros: An @ss-kickin’ workout each day. One-on-one attention. Real progress toward true fitness. New gym friends. Cons: Addictive WODs. Feeling guilty when you eat McRibs. Sore for the first few weeks… In summary, I can’t think of a better, more fun way to exercise than The Trainers Edge. I have tried small gyms, large gyms, and globo gyms — none compare to the benefits of The Trainers Edge. Just be mentally prepared for a rough first few weeks until your body adjusts to the new demands it hasn’t seen since you did high school sports!

Vice President of Product Development

Justin S.

High intensity and great results. That’s pretty much what you get here. I had been going to a regular gym for years doing the same workouts. I have been going to The Trainers Edge for about six months now. The first three months, I lost 12 lbs. and two inches off my waist. I have since increased my overall strength across my whole body. Not just the areas I focused on in a regular gym. I felt like I have never truly “worked out” until joining The Trainers Edge. The trainers are extremely helpful. They are very focused on using correct form and pushing you to make yourself better. I honestly can’t say enough about the gym and staff. You don’t get the egos that you get in a regular gym either, which is great. Everyone is very encouraging and everyone motivates each other to get better. These workouts also helped me to finally change my diet. I think the motivation from the workouts helped my motivation to eat better. I was finally able to cut out soda and fried foods. I can’t imagine doing any other type of workout routine. I love it.

Restaurant Manager